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Terms & Conditions

Action Movers & Storage cares about your household contents. We take pride in relocating your belongings in the same condition they were when picked up. Our Professional Movers and Moving Equipment contribute to the high standard of quality service you can trust. We take pride in maintaining one of the lowest claim rates in the industry.

Our Value Protection

At Action Movers, Surrey we offer two options of value protection to our customers.

  1. The first option is a Released Value Protection that we offer to you at no charge. It covers all your furniture and personal effects to a maximum value of $0.60/pound. Not any one item to exceed a maximum value of $180.00 unless stated prior to your moving date. If the value is higher, you must select the full replacement option. For example: if we damage a table and the table weighs 100 pounds then you would receive $60.00 for the table. If the table can be fixed then we have it fixed. If the table is not fixable then the cash settlement is paid. The basic value protection does not cover nicks, dents scratches or other incidental damages that are preexisting. With the basic value protection your furniture is not inspected prior to moving but pieces that have obvious damage will be pointed out prior to moving.
  2. The second option is Standard Depreciated Protection. Not any one item to exceed a maximum value of $3000.00 unless stated prior to your moving date and must be indicated individually per piece. The valuation premium is $3.00/$1000.00 worth of declared value. For example if you want value protection on a leather sofa for $1000.00 this will cost you $3.00 and must be indicated prior to the move. If the sofa is damaged then one of three things will happen. First, if the sofa can be fixed then it will be fixed. Second, we replace the sofa with an exact replacement if one exists or we find a similar one to your satisfaction. Third, we pay out the value of the sofa. Do not over value the item, proof of value is required otherwise the damaged piece will be assessed at fair market value. Depreciation is valued at 10% per year. Condition will also be taken into consideration. If you value the sofa for $3000.00 and it is only worth $1000.00 then you will only be paid $1000.00. With this option, all pieces are inspected for dents, scratches, nicks, gauges and condition and then wrapped on site prior to moving. The maximum declared value per item is $3000.00, any additional value protection should be supplied by your home or private insurance.

Items Covered:

    • All furniture against damage, excluding nicks, dents and scratches unless we inspect the furniture prior to loading. This takes time and will cost you more than estimated or than you had expected.
    • Fragile items packed by ACTION MOVERS & STORAGE

Contents of boxes that are crushed during transport and must be marked fragile in advance.

Items Not Covered:

  • Furniture that is damaged prior to moving
  • Items packed by the customer in boxes not crushed during transport.
  • Items that are not properly packed and ready for transport such as lamps, pictures, statues, ornaments. Everything must be packed and ready for transport.
  • If you the customer move anything or if you hire third party helpers such as friends, family or another moving company to help move anything during the moving process then both insurance options are not valid. We do not take responsibility for damaged caused by you or third party help. There is no way to figure out who moved what pieces and who caused the damage, therefor we do not take responsibility for any damage to properties, furnishings, boxes or any other contents of the move. This is moving and your own risk.
  • If you are wanting an economy move and saving time saves money, then we do not offer value protection for this type of moving.
  • Jewelry (to be transported by the customer)
  • Cash (to be transported by the customer)
  • Sentimental value has no consideration for value
  • Furniture damaged due to tight fit where forcing the furniture through a tight stairwell, hallway or doorway. This also excludes any property damage due to forcing the furniture through. The customer assume all damages due to force and waives any right to claim.
  • Electronic equipment unless dropped

It is our intent that your move will be a pleasant one and while moving fees are due upon completion of the move, we collect once you have inspected your furniture and contents and sign off that you are satisfied having received everything in good order.

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