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Staying Ahead of the Moving Game

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If you’re planning to move chances are you have an exhaustive list of things you need to do in order to facilitate things going smoothly. Amidst the packing and planning, there are things you can do to make this transition easier on yourself and to secure a happy, relatively stress-free moving day.


Lighten the Load
Use the move as an opportunity to clean house and cut down on what you’ll be bringing along. Often we drag things like paperwork from house to house when moving presents a great chance to organize and downsize on these unnecessary extra boxes. Use your move as an excuse to shred old documents that you no longer need to keep, and to organize and file the things you do need. Be sure to organize your remaining paperwork in a way that will keep it protected so that you can easily find a place for it in storage in your new house. Banker’s boxes work beautifully for this job, as they are sized perfectly for files and are usually sturdy. Many parents especially fall victim to the “pack rat” mentality – keeping that old swing or those baby overalls “just in case,” or to give to a friend. Moving is a great reason to find parents in need of these items, or to take unused stuff into a consignment or thrift store.


Make the Move
For those less organized doing the change of address with internet and phone service providers can be something forgotten until the actual moving day. In order to avoid an interruption in your service, it is recommended to notify these service providers a month in advance. After a long moving day, many want to be able to connect to the internet to play games or update social networking sites on a screen larger than what fits in one’s hand. Often if you wait until even the last week before you move you will have a wait of a few days or more, which for the more tech-savvy of us can create a feeling of being disconnected. Plan ahead and save yourself from paying the big bucks for using the data on your phone!


Be Prepared
If you are able to hire a moving service be sure to book your service one to two months in advance. If you have to do your move on your own consider creating a social media event to enlist the help of your friends and family. Create a group on Facebook at least a month in advance. Over-invite rather than being conservative in your invitations; often fewer people will show up than anticipated (life happens!), and if everyone turns up your move will likely be a swift one with so many helping hands. Be sure to send out reminders one week before – and after that every two days – in order to be able to have more concrete numbers for your own peace of mind. Prepare a “thank-you” for your friends in the form of beverages and/or snacks for afterward.  A cold beer after helping a friend move is both refreshing and adequately conveys a sense of gratitude.


Meal Time
The first thing that commonly suffers on moving day and immediately afterward is mealtime. We recommend preparing at least a week of freezer meals that can be taken straight from your freezer to the oven – frozen lasagna in a foil pan, for example. Be sure to pack your kitchen in an organized, intuitive fashion so that you can more readily access your dinner dishes, crock pot, and serving utensils. Moving expenses are usually high and with a bit of careful planning, you can avoid the added cost of ordering takeout too many nights in a row. Be smart about moving the contents of your fridge, as well. The fewer perishables you have to move from house to house the better, and if you can do your first big shop after you are given keys you will be able to fill your new fridge with fresh food. Have a cooler or two – filled with ice – on hand to easily and safely transport your perishable food items.


While your head is likely already spinning with to-do lists and planning for your move incorporating these tips should decrease the overall stress you feel during the process. Take a deep breath – the more organized you are for your move the more relaxed you will feel during and afterward. As the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

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