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Piano Moving Services

It’s been said that “The bitterness of poor quality service remains long after the pleasure of low price is forgotten.” This is a quote that is ‘in tune’ with why one should always hire a reputable piano mover. Piano moving is no easy task!

Did you know that an upright piano can weigh anywhere between 400 and 900 pounds? Grand pianos start at around 650 pounds and can tip the scale at a whopping 1300 pounds, depending on the size and manufacturer.

In addition to be extremely heavy, they are complex and very fragile — regardless of their solid build.

Your typical standard piano has more than 230 strings, which are pulled tight across a metal bridge with a combined tension of 40,000 pounds. There’s also the piano action containing more than 1,000 moving parts.

With all these parts in mind, one can understand that the challenge of moving a piano doesn’t solely boil down to weight.

Professional Surrey Piano Movers

Professional Surrey Piano Movers

Our Surrey Movers will move your upright piano, baby grand piano, or grand piano and ensure it is kept safe and secure until it arrives at your new location. Our combined expertise and specialized moving equipment that no one else in the moving industry carries is why we’ve been dubbed Vancouver’s number one piano movers.

Sure, you could always get a couple of friends to move your piano to save a buck or two, but the end result could be catastrophic for both your piano and movers.

In addition to risking personal injury, your prized piano could become damaged as well as your property.

With tight spaces and stairs thrown in the mix, one can easily lose control and balance —piano accidents can happen fast and without warning, which is why we advise you leave it in the capable hands of our professional piano movers.

While we are happy to move all kinds of pianos, upright pianos are the most common request we receive in the Vancouver area. Typically, they are relatively compact in size, however, they are also fairly heavy.  Leave it to our Surrey moving company to handle the move. We recommend providing your specific moving details, in order to limit damage to the upright piano as well as the walls/surroundings and possible physical injury.

We use a piano skid to move upright pianos and bring in a team of three movers.

To request our services moving pianos or keyboards, please give us a call today or fill out our free moving estimate form.

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