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Long Distance Moving

When it comes to a successful long distance move, the key is to choose the right moving company. Look no further than Action Movers Surrey — our team of highly experienced and qualified staff who will make your move smooth and stress-free from start to finish. We’ll even provide you with a FREE, no obligation estimate to and from Vancouver, B.C., provided by one of our expert moving consultants. 

With Surrey movers, you can rest assured knowing your possessions are in the hands of reliable long distance movers who have undergone an extensive training program.

At our Surrey moving company, we take great pride in our professionalism and customer service. From the initial contact until the completion of your long distance move, our extensive network of computerized dispatch centers and communications systems combines their efforts to ensure your move is handled in a courteous and professional manner.

A Look At Our Long Distance Moving Procedures

At the beginning of the move, one of our moving experts will create an accurate itemized inventory of your goods before loading the shipment. All of your furniture will be wrapped in a quilted moving pad to make sure it arrives in the same condition you left it in. Once the shipment arrives to your residence, every item will carefully be placed in the room of your choice.

At this point, payment is required by Bank Draft, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, or Pre Approved Billing.

In the cases where customers are moving long distance to Calgary, or moving from Vancouver to Toronto, charges are based on weight.  If you’re moving across the border to the U.S., it’s vital that all of your documents are filled out properly to ensure there are no issues crossing.

Here are a list of typical home sizes and the average weight in pounds of the content of these homes.

Bachelor Suite – 1000 LBS.

1 Bedroom – 1500 – 2000LBS.

2 Bedroom – 2500 – 3000LBS.

3 Bedroom – 4500 – 5500LBS.

4 Bedroom – 7000 – 9000LBS.

5 Bedroom – 10,000+ LBS.

Are You Moving Overseas?

Our number one piece of advice when it comes to moving overseas is to plan ahead. If possible, start the planning process for your move several months in advance. To start, begin gathering documents and file visa and other applications. Once that’s completed, you can make packing and shipping household and personal belongings your focus. Give us a call to set up your complimentary in-home estimate —we’re happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

Research Your New Country’s Regulations

Every country has their own laws and regulations when it comes to moving. To avoid any headaches, give the relevant embassy or consulate a call to find out about any restrictions and regulations for foreigners moving into the destination country. Questions to ask are:

  • Required visas and permits
  • Required vaccines for family members
  • Restrictions or taxes on shipped household items
  • Taxes involved in shipping your car
  • Required vaccines and quarantines for pets.

Moving internationally is no easy feat, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Put your trust in our capable hands to ensure your move is handled with the utter most care. Our International moving service professionals have handled countless International moves, providing full door-to-door service and a stress-free moving experience from start to finish. Give us a call today!

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