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Known as the City in the Country to locals, Abbotsford is situated in the heart of the picturesque Fraser Valley on the flatlands between the Coast and Cascade mountain ranges. With a population of 141,000 people, this agricultural and fertile landscape is not only the largest urban municipality outside of Greater Vancouver in the province, but is also home to the third largest proportion of visible minorities in a metropolitan centre in all of Canada.

Bordered by the United States to the south, and close by the teeming metropolis of downtown Vancouver 63 km to the west, Abbotsford was once an outpost for gold miners seeking fortune, old growth forestry loggers, and many rail stations, helping to cement the community as a lasting example of rural resourcefulness, determination and diversity.

Whether you’re moving to Abbotsford for its rural charm, rich cultural history, or simple quality of life, the fast-growing community will easily warm your heart and impress you with its simple and laid back way of life.

Action Movers is proud to be an award-winning British Columbia moving favourite. We hold our reputation for moving our clients all over coastal British Columbia and the Fraser Valley with ease and confidence near and dear to our hearts. Our crews always show up ready to handle anything – equipped with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, armed with the best in specialized moving equipment. We offer many services including off-site storage, and complete moving packages – including packing, so we even bring the boxes, free of charge!

Our guarantee is that we’re all about making your moving experience as stress-free and enjoyable as humanly possible, so you can count on us to deliver a courteous and professional service – and we don’t leave until everything is right.

Let us help you make Abbotsford your new home. Whether you’re moving there to escape the daily hustle of urban life, or you’re moving home after some time away, we’ll show you how moving with industry pros makes the whole thing enjoyable, and what it takes to be awarded the namesake of BC’s #1 moving company.

We like to earn the business of our clients, so contact us for a complimentary quote to find out what we’re all about.


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