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Packing Tips

Are You Planning a Move to Surrey or Vancouver?

Here’s a list of 25 tips to ensure a smooth and worry-free move.

  • Don’t leave your moving arrangements to the last minute — plan as far ahead as possible.
  • Go over your contract (Bill of Lading) carefully to make you fully understand all the terms and conditions.
  • Will you be doing all of your own packing? If so, start well in advance of your moving date to avoid the last minute “packing rush.”
  • Set aside one box to be labelled ‘Open First’ and fill it with items you will require immediately upon your arrival at your new home (example: tools, toiletries, remote controls, phone, answering machine, etc.).
  • Always professional pack or crate extremely fragile items such as glass, mirrors and pictures.
  • Never ship liquids as they can leak and cause damage to your shipment and possibly other customers.
  • For heavy items like books, pack in small 2-cubic foot boxes. Items like pots and small appliances will fit nicely in 4-cubic boxes.
  • To avoid any confusion when unpacking, label your boxes by the room you would like them moved into (example: master bedroom, kitchen, basement, garage, etc.)
  • For easy identification, label the top and sides of all cartons with your name and destination city in BOLD LETTERS.
  • If there are items not to be shipped, set up a specific area in your home for these items and inform your movers of this area.
  • Make arrangements with your service providers to have all your major appliances disconnected before your moving date.
  • Freezers must be empty at the time of loading, which is why it’s important to defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving.
  • If you have any flammables (matches, aerosols, fuels and propane tanks, etc.), make sure you dispose of them before your moving date.
  • While it’s  not necessary to empty dresser drawers,  make sure you remove all fragile items and liquids.
  • Always keep your currency, jewelry and valuable documents with you at all times. Movers will not take responsibility for these articles of high value.
  • Also keep your “personal” phone book and cell phone with you; after all, you may need to make important calls during your move.
  • Two-to-three days prior to your move, contact your Moving Consultant to confirm and review all final details.
  • At the time of loading, go over the list of your goods (Inventory Form) with your van foreman.
  • You may need to call your mover with questions about shipments, which is why we suggest making a note of your shipment registration number found in the upper right hand corner of your Bill of Lading and keep it with you.
  • At the end of your move, do a  walk-through of your home with your van foreman to ensure all items have been removed. This means checking closets, cupboards, behind doors, etc.
  • It is important that  you provide your van foreman with a phone number where you can be reached once you leave — also provide an alternative contact number in case you cannot be reached in your new home.
  • Will you be moving during extreme weather conditions? Always allow your electronics to acclimatize before plugging them in at your new home.
  • Your foreman is required to collect payment in full before unloading – unless of course prior credit arrangements have been made. Final payment options include: MONEY ORDER, BANK DRAFT, CASH, VISA OR MASTERCARD.
  • Once your goods have been unloaded, check your Inventory Forms with the van foreman. Make sure any missing items are identified and removed from the truck before the van foreman and crew depart.
  • Your contract (Bill of Lading) should be kept in a safe place for your records as most moves are tax deductible.

With these 25 tips in mind, you’ll avoid any unnecessary hiccups or surprises during the moving process. For more information or moving tips, give us a call and speak to one of our expert moving consultants today!

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